Our Team

Esperto Barista Course was founded on 2006 by a true coffee lover and consists of people with a huge love on coffee ever since.


Franky Angkawijaya, Bcom (Tourism Management)


Franky Angkawijaya’s love affair with coffee started from the first cup of coffee he served back in the days while he was studying in Sydney in 1997. Started off as a part-timer as barista in a cafe, he found his passion in the coffee world and with ambition and hard work, he is now a teacher at Esperto Barista School, consultant at Monolog Cafe, and also the owner of P.T. Harvest Coffee Forenity.

During his time in college, Franky believed that the coffee trend in Indonesia was underdeveloped. Seeing this potential, he established P.T. Harvest Coffee Forenity in 2006 and Esperto Barista Course. He saw that mixing business with pleasure is possible, enabling him to do business in an area he is very passionate about. “I love coffee and I saw that I could make a living out of this. So, why not?” Said Franky.

Franky completed a diploma degree from Sydney International College of Tourism & Hotel Management. To further his knowledge, he pursued further study at Curtin University of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Tourist Management) degree. To acquire the knowledge straight from the best, Franky went to Bologna Italy to be professionally trained directly under Italian barista champion and also in the headquarter of Schibello Coffee in Sydney. In 2011, he became a jury in Indonesia Barista Competition 2011 in Jakarta.



Rio Magda Sugiarto, S.T.



Rio Magda Sugiarto is a very reliable technician at Harvest Coffee Forenity. He  graduated from Mechanical Engineering majors at Atmajaya University. His love to mechanical engineering and coffee brings him to Harvest Coffee Forenity. Until today, he already dedicated himself to espresso machine for 8 years.

Beside his skill at machinery, he also studied coffee. In order to create a high quality espresso, we also need a machine that has been set by the hand of an expert. Working as the co-instructor at Esperto Barista Course, Rio Magda has grown his love of coffee as well as his expertise on espresso machines.


Michael Darmawan, BCom (Management Information System)



Michael Darmawan find the love of coffee when pursuing his Management Information System at Edith Cowan University. The journey start when he work as part of development team for a restaurant where coffee one of the signature, where he found that is required precision and knowledge to create consistent a cup of coffee, His career moves on to a Beverage research and development in one of a International Convenient Store to create various beverages menu whereas coffee is one of the main features from fresh brewed coffee to espresso based. Now teaching at Esperto Barista Course, he keep on expanding the love of coffee and understanding every element that is part take in every brewing process including machine and tools.


Norman Chayadi

Norman Chayadi born in Pontianak, West Borneo. It is a city where coffee culture is very strong in the local society and what drives him to enjoy a cup of coffee since childhood until now. Passion for making a good cup of coffee what make him swift from an English Major from Widyadharma University Pontianak to become Barista at 2011, pursuing brewing espresso cup coffee where every part of the steps are matter before an espresso are ready and worthy to serve. Working as co-instructor at Esperto Barista Course, Norman keeps expanding his passion and understanding every parts in the making coffee beside the coffee bean itself.


Sugeng Riyadisugeng-ebc-web
Sugeng Riyadi came from Lampung, whereas one of location for quality coffee. The love for coffee what drive him working at Harvest Coffee Forenity in the workshop operation and grown his knowledge for a perfect cup of coffee. His passion and understanding about coffee machine is supported at Esperto Barista Course, where he works as co-instructor to share his understanding.