Conti CC100 SA

The CC100 Series is our new masterpiece, conceived to meet the request for exceptional reliability and espresso extraction coupled with value for money and a compact design.

  • Electrical version or mixed (gas and electrical) in option
  • Removable boiler side for easy maintenance
  • Manual and automatic water inlet tap
  • Water boiler level
  • Excellent quality at a low price
  • Consumption 2-3 kg coffee per day (restaurants, takeaway, sandwich shops)
  • Solo Kit for freestanding version in option
  • Adaptable to pods system ESE (option) with modifi ed fi lter holder and sprinkler
  • Two steam wands and one hot water tap
  • One year warranty on parts.

The CC100 Semi Automatic comes in 2 groups or 3 groups and in 2 elegant optional color : red / black.

CC100 SA - 2 Group

CC100 SA – 2 Group














CC100 SA - 3 Group

CC100 SA – 3 Group














Technical Specification :